Certified Pilates Instructor and studio owner Katherine Brady
  • Unlimited access to online class video library. Over 115 classes and growing!

  • Studio group and private classes

  • Pilates wellness gifts

Anyone at any age can do Pilates and get great results.

After one class you will feel so much better than before. After a few classes your aches will subside and you will be on your way to increase core strength, flexibility,  balance and correct your posture. Pilates leaves you feeling uplifted in mind and body.

Certified Pilates Instructor  

Studio Owner

Pilates at Kajoma Studio


Strengthens & Tones,

Relieves Pain, Improves Mobility, 

Increases Body Awareness,

Corrects Posture & Alignment,

Uplifts your Mind & Body

Pilates is not a fad, its over 100 years old. Take a class and

feel why it is such a successful form of exercise.

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Wellness Gifts


Pilates gift box and voucher are a perfect wellness and wellbeing gift to start Pilates or to progress at home.

  • Voucher to access online classes

  • Gift box contains Pilates essentials and a n online voucher

  • A letterbox gift sent straight to the receiver with a personal gift message

  • Pilates is for any body at any age

Online Pilates Studio

An on-demand video service with over 115 classes and new ones uploaded regularly.

  • Range from 8-60 Minutes

  • From Beginner to Advanced

  • Programmes to easily follow

  • With or without props

'In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you’ll have a new body' - Joseph Pilates

Pilates Benefits

  • Get out of pain

  • Get back to doing your valued activities

  • Recover from injury

  • Feel better about your appearance

  • Get stronger

  • Move more easily

  • Have less physical discomfort