Group Pilates Classes

Group classes in the studio are a maximum of six people per class, keeping it small we can get to know any alignment issues or injuries to work round and build on strengthening any weakness, progressing quickly!

Please contact the studio for current class availability. Specific class designs are put together to suit all bodies and levels in each class, here's some examples of classes;

Class for Beginners

You will be taken through movements, working your core stability and alignment.  Eliminate muscle imbalance, increase flexibility, coordination and core control.

You will be guided through a sequence of Pilates movement’s that will work your full body, given tactile touch to help place you in good alignment. 

50’s and Up

A class designed specifically for 50 years old and over, concentrating on mobility, deep core muscles and bone density.

Pilates is effective at relieving back pain, joint inflammation, swelling, arthritis, and tension throughout your body. 
By improving your blood circulation and gentle weight bearing will help improve your bone density - important not only for those already suffering from osteoporosis, but also for those wishing to avoid it.

Pilates is a mind and body exercise. You will find that your range of movement will increase and you will get a mental workout as your brain will be learning and coordinating your body through new movements.


Progress your Pilates practice with more challenging movements. Taking your legs overhead (inversions) and decreasing the base of support to work your body harder.

You will see new levels of core strength and flexibility. Your posture will improve; you'll stand taller and straighter, and you will become leaner and more toned.


Pilates helps you relax during pregnancy, move positively and prepare for the birth, it can also help you to recover quicker. For more information link here.


£10 per class

Group classes are booked with each school term that normally last 5-7 weeks.

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