Katherine Brady

I am a certified Pilates instructor. Gaining my qualification from Polestar Pilates in Hong Kong, a worldwide renowned educator. I also have a specialist certification in Pre & Postnatal Pilates.

Here's my Story

In my early twenties I travelled and drove a lot for work. Travelling around France and the UK, many times over a 1000 miles a week I would get bad hip and back pain from driving for so long. If I knew about Pilates then I could have done it in my hotel room and it would’ve really helped, but I didn’t.

I then got a desk job; I had lower back pain and tight shoulders. I joined a gym and did a Pilates class once a week. The teacher didn’t go much into why we were doing each movement and the benefits but I knew I felt better after class.

I got married and we moved to Hong Kong. While pregnant I did a Hypno-birthing course, it taught me how to focus my breath and mind. I really could hypnotise myself! Of course the birth didn’t go to plan and I had to have an emergency C-section. I did some breathing work classes to recover and knit back the abdominal muscles, I still have slight abdominal separation, but this does not stop me from doing any movement and I have two healthy boys so I’m happy with that. I wish I knew about pre-postnatal Pilates then!

After my second child I decided to do my teacher training in Pilates. I never thought of this as a career move, I had a baby gift business then. I did my Pilates training because as a travelling wife for my husband’s work I thought I could take it anywhere in the world and find clients.

When I started the teacher training is when I truly fell in love with Pilates. Before then I was just doing one class a week with no real thought into the movement. Once I delved deeper into understanding the movements and practising regularly I felt the difference in my body. I felt stronger, leaner and more mobile. It gave me confidence and it became part of my life.

Once I qualified I knew this is what I wanted to do for life now, no more desk work! I found my passion. I love guiding clients to understand Pilates, helping people move better and get stronger. We moved back to the UK and I knew the house we bought would need to have studio space. Kajoma Studio was full within two weeks of opening.

I am so happy to find work I love teach, to help clients understand Pilates and to move better. Clients leave after class with less pain and feeling energised.


Polestar Pilates Certificate

Pre & Postnatal Pilates Specialist Certificate

First Aid at Work - First Aid North East


'Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things' - Joseph Pilates