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Reformer Pilates

The Reformer is one of the most recognisable and well-known pieces of Pilates equipment, it is a has a carriage that moves with different spring resistance. The resistance can help challenge the movement or it can become more accessible based on the setup. The Reformer offers great feedback as you keep in contact with the Reformer throughout movements so you can become quickly aware of strengths, weaknesses and imbalances in your body.. The springs also offer great a opportunity for stretching, to help increase your mobility. The reformer is a very versatile piece of equipment and can be used by clients of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

The range of exercises that can be performed on a Reformer is almost limitless. A Reformer can be used to perform exercises that develop muscular strength, endurance, stability, balance, and flexibility. You will move around the Reformer during a class to get a full body workout. You may start lying on your back then progress to side-lying, on your front , kneeling and even standing positions. 

Kat at Kajoma Studio is a qualified Reformer Pilates instructor with HFE. View the certificate here.

Reformer Pilates in Corbridge, Hexham
Book a Class

You can book a private class at Kajoma Studio.  One hour class is £47. Or you can also purchase a five class pass for £235.

Health and Fitness Endorsed refomer Pilates Instructor
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