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Kat's teaching has helped me enormously - I would still be hobbling around on painkillers if it wasn't for her. I can't recommend Kajoma Studio enough.

I've done lots of classes/private lessons in the past but it's never been like Kat Pilates! I think even if my head was falling off I'd still trust you to figure out a safe and helpful Pilates lesson! Anyway, I just thought I'd say I think you're amazing!    Dr. Claire Collett

Alex has been a regular client at Kajoma Studio for over six years now, having come to the studio after spine surgery and daily back pain. She is now pain free, strong, mobile and a lovely client to have! Alex says “I’ve visited Kat now since well before Covid as I used to do quite a lot of Pilates type exercises in personal training sessions. They recommended Pilates as I lived with constant niggling back pain, struggling to get moving every morning as I got out of bed. I can honestly say that I now live pain-free (apart from doing the odd stupid thing still!) and cannot recommend Kat highly enough. She is very knowledgeable and has such a friendly, warm personality which makes Pilates something I look forward to every week!!" Alex Clark

Love these online classes. They are easy to follow and great explanation of each exercise. Good variations on the more difficult exercises.   Jane Pearson


My postnatal one to one sessions with Kat after my third baby have literally unfurled my body and put everything back where it should be. Kat knew exactly what my body needed by looking at the way it moved (or didn’t move actually!!!) and she tailors each session specifically and perfectly for me. She has in depth knowledge of postnatal conditions and advises what my body is and isn’t capable of at every stage. I always feel a few inches taller and straighter when I leave Kat’s studio. The only complaint is that the hour session flies by too quickly!   Rachel Stewart

I LOVE the 'Reset the Shoulders' online class. I feel 10 feet taller afterwards so that is definitely going to be on my regular to do list. The class I have also enjoyed recently is the 'Resistance Band'. so   Lizzie Tyers


So many amazing online classes. You can do them anytime and they kept me moving during lockdown. Absolutely love it. Thanks Kat, you are fabulous.   Michelle Watson

We joined the 50s and Up class as beginners and greatly appreciated both the small class size and the structured nature of the exercises each week. Every class was different and well prepared. We feel so much fitter as a result.   Tricia and Alan McGraddie

I have been attending classes at Kajoma studios for many months, and have enjoyed the benefits of regular Pilates sessions, including increased strength and flexibility, and postpartum recovery. Kat is a fantastic teacher and the studio is a great place to come to. The class sizes are small and that's a great thing!   Sarah Walton

I have found the Pilates class offered by Kajoma Studio very useful in helping with various health issues.    Ann Bowen

I couldn't recommend Kajoma Studio highly enough. It's amazing what one session of Pilates a week can do for your strength and flexibility.   Andrea Davies

Kajoma Studio has been a god send to me and my health!   Lorraine Reay

Katherine helps me with problems I have for my back and hips following on from a recent hip replacement. I have struggled with what is available locally within the NHS and now feel that at last there is some progress.   Colin Corlett

Kajoma Studio is brilliant. Never done Pilates before so I was very nervous. Kat made me feel at home and the small classes are brilliant to ensure that you are doing Pilates correctly. Highly recommend Kajoma Studio and Kat. Can’t wait to start back up in June.   Sharon Oldryod

I’d never done Pilates and am as flexible as a plank but Kat made me feel completely welcome and at ease from the start. She is encouraging and supportive and creates a warm, friendly and non-judgmental atmosphere. Having small classes is brilliant as Kat can provide each participant with personalised support and feeling part of a small group makes it more enjoyable. The studio is wonderful: light, airy, warm and with a lovely view. In a word: perfect!   Carol Hawman

I Joined Kat's class with friends (safety in numbers: was a bit scared!) to banish shin splints and get back out running but it turns out that I love Pilates too! Great personalised tuition, friendly atmosphere, lovely studio, a great workout every week with a different focus each time and a laugh too. Stomach hasn't shrunk (but then nor has my appetite) but I am now better at holding it in. And the shin splints seem to be better too. Couldn't recommend Kat enough.   Hannah Louise Thorpe

After having my second baby Kat worked with me to help build my strength back. I had Diastasis Recti and found the Pilates lessons really helped me to recover quickly. Kat is a very patient, fun and hands on teacher. She talks through each movement, explains why you are doing it and the benefits. Teaching me how to practice Pilates exercises myself at home with the correct alignment. I feel great after every class and would recommend her to anyone looking to start or progress with the Pilates method.  Vicky Rixon

I started with Kat after not having done Pilates for a while. She was very patient and tailored lessons to suit my needs and weak areas. I felt stronger within a couple of lessons and after a month I was able to do more, and really noticed a difference. I loved Kat's enthusiasm and her positivity, and I looked forward to each lesson with her.'  Brooke Chenoweth


Kat is a very thorough and knowledgeable Pilates instructor. Having had 3 c-sections she helped me strengthen my core tremendously, as I found that difficult previously, as I used to get a sore neck doing abdominal exercises. Kat is very relaxed and flexible and seems to know exactly how hard to push you. I noticed such a huge change in my strength and flexibility within a very short time with Kat. I really enjoyed my sessions with her and would highly recommend Kajoma Studio and Kat.   Jo Mirfin

I couldn't recommend Kajoma Studio enough, The studio is bright, modern and well equipped with beautiful views of Northumberland, Kat is a fantastic instructor who draws on her years of experience to provide a dedicated and professional approach to her classes making clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Small class sizes provide a personal and more tailored client experience that caters for all ages and abilities, I look forward to my Pilates class every week.  Fran Darby

Just had my first Pilates class with Kat. It was fantastic! Kat is such a great instructor, very patient when explaining each move. I found the class so relaxing and I feel so invigorated after it and already can't wait for the next session! It's a real bonus that Kajoma Studio is located in such an idyllic setting, really can't recommend these classes highly enough.   Lucy Thompson

Kat is an excellent Pilates teacher. I have taken Pilates before, but I felt that Kat was able to tailor the class to really help me and make me stronger and more fit. She is patient and very knowledgeable. Kat really helped me to fall in love with Pilates.   Leigh Tsang

Loved my Pilates class, Kat was very knowledgeable and was able to adapt the class to suit my requirements. Would definitely recommend! Rebecca Stringer


"Love these online classes, easy to follow  and great explanation of each exercise. Good variations on more difficult exercises."

Michelle Watson

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'Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness' - Joseph Pilates

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