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Mat Pilates Online Classes

Gain access to hours of pre-recorded online Pilates classes that you can use whenever and as many times as you wish.

There are classes for beginners wand classes to progress through stages to intermediate and more advanced. With each movement you are guided through each progression level, if you are just starting Pilates you can stay with the lower level and progress at your own pace when you feel ready. I am always happy to review a picture or video you  can send me if a movement doesn't feel right to make sure you have the movement and your alignment correct.

Classes are in categories for you to find a class and duration suitable for you. Categories are Beginner/Gentle, All Levels, Intermediate/Advanced, Props and Programmes. The programmes contain up to ten classes that give you a deeper understanding of Pilates and help to keep you motivated to finish the programme.

The classes range in times and ability. Studio props have been specifically limited for online classes so you can do this at home on a towel or blanket. Some household items are used as props which are explained at the beginning of each class. All you need is access to the internet; classes can be viewed on your tablet, smartphone or laptop. There are hours of classes already live with a new class uploaded regularly for you to follow.

You need to be cleared by your doctor to do Pilates before taking a class. Please check with Kajoma Studio first if you have had any surgeries or have any current health concerns, before taking a class you will be asked to sign a waiver form.

The service is renewed from the 1st of every month and costs £10 per month. You can pay for one month or a few in advance. You will receive a new password on the 1st of each month to gain access.

If you are interested in trying this service please fill in your details below or purchase online and I will be in touch.

Thanks! Message sent.


"Love these online classes, easy to follow  and great explanation of each exercise. Good variations on more difficult exercises."

Michelle Watson

Introduction to Online Pilates

Gift Online Pilates

Vouchers and Gift Boxes with online access.

'Change happens through movement and movement heals' – Joseph Pilates

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