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Choosing the right Pilates Class and Studio

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

If you are looking to start a Pilates class but are not sure where to begin then here’s a bit of information to hopefully guide you a little better…


If you would like to do Pilates then choose a studio that is specific just to Pilates, there you will find only Pilates instructors that specialise and are qualified to teach Pilates. Unfortunately as the Pilates industry is not regulated you can call a class a 'Pilates Class' but the class may have nothing in common with Joseph Pilates original movements or the Pilates principles. If you pick a studio, gym or village hall that advertise numerous different exercise classes then you may not get a real Pilates class from a trained Pilates teacher. If you take one of these classes and you have never done Pilates before then you are none the wiser, but once you know the difference you really know!


Check the qualifications of the instructor advertised to teach the class. They should have a certified teacher training qualification with an educator that is specifically Pilates. They should be regularly continuing their education with Pilates specific courses. The instructor should have a depth of knowledge about each movement and the reason for doing it. A true Pilates qualification can take years with continued education.

A teacher should cue posture, breath, alignment, be able to demonstrate the movement and use hands on adjustment (they should ask first to touch you) to help you to feel the movement enhanced or become better aligned.

There are two types of Pilates teachers Classical and Contemporary. The classical teachers keep closely to the original Joseph Pilates repertoire, in the same order and without modifications. The Contemporary teachers are still based on Joseph Pilates original work but incorporates modern knowledge of the body and life developments are taken into account. Neither is right or wrong, take classes with both and you will see what best fits for you.


If you are joining a group class ask what the maximum number of participants is in a class. Personally I do not like to teach over eight people in class. Once I have talked through a movement I do not have much time to check each body before I move onto the next movement. The more people the less time the instructor has to check you are moving correctly. If the instructor is not properly qualified or your class has a lot of participants then you have much more chance of injuring yourself.

If you do not feel ready to visit a studio then there are a lot of online resources you could start with. But again make sure the instructor, whether teaching live online or from a pre-recorded video, is a Pilates qualified instructor.

Wherever you choose to take a Pilates class it is important to feel comfortable and welcome in your surroundings and feel safe with your teacher. Remember no one in class is watching you (well hopefully the instructor is!) so no need to feel self conscious and to enjoy it!

About Kajoma Studio

The studio is a Pilates specific studio, only offering Pilates. One-to-One, group classes and online services are available. Each group class are maximum six people, as the instructor I always keep an eye on every body in the class. I am qualified through Polestar Pilates, which is represented globally in over 50 countries. The Polestar curriculum has earned the reputation worldwide as the most scientifically sound Pilates education, setting the standard in Pilates schooling. I have since continued my education in Pre-postnatal and Menopause Pilates. To learn about me as an instructor please link here. To learn more about classes please link here.

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