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Pilates Gifts

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

#Give the gift of Pilates! A Pilates gift and wellness gift that can reduce pain, strengthen the body and reduce stress.

A perfect Pilates gift for her or Pilates gift for him to introduce someone to Pilates or gifts for a Pilates lover. With a letterbox gift set the gift box can be delivered straight through a letter box, with a personal gift message. The recipient can start their Pilates practice in the comfort of their own home.

Each Pilates gift includes a voucher that gives you access to hours of pre-recorded classes that you can use whenever and as many times as you wish.

Know someone with back pain? Wants to strengthen their core? Has bad posture?

Or is already a Pilates enthusiast? Bring Pilates into their own home with a Pilates gift.

A Pilates gift set includes items like socks and a Theraband to help get you set up to start Pilates online classes at home.

Pilates can ease back pain, tone the waistline, increase full body strength, improve your posture, uplift your mind and body. There are many Pilates benefits! It can be done at any age and any ability.

Anyone at any age can do Pilates and get great results. After one class I can guarantee you will feel so much better than before you started. After a few classes your aches will subside and you will be on your way to increasing your core strength, flexibility, balance and correct your posture.

The classes range in times and ability. You do not need any props or a mat for these classes. Studio props and any rolling movements have been specifically limited for online classes so you can do this at home on a towel or blanket. Some household items are used as props which are explained at the beginning of each class. All you need is access to the internet; classes can be viewed on your tablet, smartphone or laptop. There are hours of classes already live with a new class uploaded each week for you to follow. There are over 50 on-demand videos to choose from.

All Pilates online videos are suitable for beginners with some movements progressing through stages to intermediate and more advanced. With each movement you are guided through each progression level, if you are just starting Pilates you can stay with the lower level and progress at your own pace when you feel ready. I am always happy to review a picture or video you can send me if a movement doesn't feel right to make sure you have the movement and your alignment correct.

Pilates strengthens and tones, relieves pain, improves mobility, teaches body awareness, corrects posture and alignment, uplifts your mind and body. Pilates is not a fad, its been for over 100 years.

Send the gift of Pilates to someone special and they will be stronger in mind and body.

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