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Online Pilates Class - Anywhere and Anytime

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Gain access to hours of pre-recorded mat Pilates online classes you can use on demand when you wish. Classes range in duration and ability, Pilates is for EVERY BODY!

All videos are suitable for beginners with some movements progressing through stages to intermediate and more advanced. With each movement you are guided through each progression level, if you are just starting Pilates you can stay with the lower level and progress at your own pace when you feel ready. The best online Pilates mat classes with no need for any props.

Renew and Restore

You may be thinking it's time to get off the sofa and start moving again. Kajoma Pilates has a January Renew and Restore challenge to do just that, Pilates can help turn back time on your body.

Renew and Restore includes ten classes, each class lasting between 10-20 minutes, so this can be a manageable way to do Pilates as our lives start to get busy again. The first class will be uploaded on the 1st of Jan and then a new class will go up every 3 days throughout the month.

Renew and Restore is a great way to start moving again and get back on track. If you are new to Pilates or have had a break, start with this challenge and it will bring back muscle memory of your last Pilates practice, you will gain more mobility into your body and it will leave you stronger. To learn more about online Pilates classes please link here.

There are many benefits to Pilates, these include:


Anyone from athletes to office workers no matter what your ability or strength can work on correct posture, alignment issues and counteracting the effects of slouching.

Full Body Workout

Pilates works all your muscles, toning your full body. It increases your body awareness and give you better mind and body connection.

Pregnant? Yes you can!

Attend classes while pregnant and you can expect shorter labour times, help reduce lower back and pelvis pain. Pilates will help speed up the process of getting your body back into shape after childbirth and it's great for your pelvic floor muscles too! Click here to learn more.


Pilates hits the core muscles hard, including the deep abdominal muscles, so is great for toning the waistline and eliminating any muscle imbalance.

Mood Booster & Brain Teaser

You need to focus on balance and coordination, so you have to completely immerse yourself in the class and clear your mind. Exercise also releases endorphin's to make you happier and stress free.

Eases Pain

If you suffer from back pain working the core to stabilise your back and increase movement and space between each vertebrae will help reduce back pain and increase mobility.

Better Sports

Many movements mimic a sport. Pilates will increase your range of motion when doing sports, help with endurance and reduce risk of injury.

Anyone & Anywhere

No matter what your age or ability Pilates can help everyone. Pilates mat work can fit in with your schedule wherever you are, whatever time you have. Pilates can be safely adapted if you have an injury or pathology.

An Introduction to online Pilates classes

To learn more about the online Pilates workout service please link here


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