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The Benefits for Mums that do Pilates

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Any body at any age can feel the benefits to starting Pilates

As we age we need to look after our bodies even more. Joseph Pilates said “We retire too early and we die too young, our prime of life should be in the 70's and old age should not come until we are almost 100.”

Here's a few reasons why women should include Pilates into their lives:

Circulation - It increases blood flow, promotes cell growth, organ function and gives you healthier skin, and as Joseph calls it, for “bodily house cleaning”.

Anti-ageing - Helps to release anti-ageing, stress-relieving chemicals called Endorphins.

Focus and Concentration – It creates a mind body connection, while you focus on your body and breathing it works out the brain for body coordination.

Decrease Stress – Tension can build up in muscles, buy strengthening and conditioning the muscles will release tension.

Bone Density – We start to lose bone density at 40 so it is important to increase weight-bearing exercises to counteract this.

Core and Pelvic Floor – It's great to regain and maintain core strength.

Posture – Poor posture and/or core strength can lead to backache, neck ache, headache etc. Pilates strengthens the muscles that support your spine and the rest of your body.

Prenatal – Pilates is a safe way to exercise and keep strong right up to birth.

Postnatal - When the abdominal muscles are overstretched during pregnancy, they can separate, leaving a weak centre, and vulnerable to things like back pain. The body will have muscle memory from doing Pilates and this will help it to recover quicker.

Balance – After 30 our balance starts to deteriorate. Pilates improves balance and reduces the fear of falling.

Mental Health – Build up stamina and body confidence will follow. Class will leave you feeling happier and calmer.

Full BodyA full body workout every class with no overdeveloped or underdeveloped muscles.

Low impact – Pilates is slow and controlled so places no pressure on your joints.

Anybody – Pilates can benefit anyone at any age, you do not need to be flexible to do it.

Workout at home - This is ideal if you want to choose when you want to exercise and at your own pace.

Kajoma Studio provides an on-demand monthly subscription service for Pilates classes that vary in duration and ability. With over 70 classes to choose from and a new one being uploaded each week.

Kajoma Studio also provides Pilates gift boxes. With Mother's Day coming up the gift boxes are sent through the letterbox and include a personal gift card and message, a great mothers day gift. For a fitness loving mum or one that would like to try Pilates the Pilates gift set would be a great introduction. Each gift set includes a voucher for access to Kajoma Studio online service. To find our more about online classes please link here. To view our gifts please shop here.

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