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Uplift your Pilates experience - Pilates Mat Spray

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

New Mat Spritz from Aromalates now in our gift boxes and stocked at the studio!

MAT SPRITZ Pilates Aromatherapy Room Mist & Pilates Mat Cleaner with Naturally Antimicrobial Essential Oil Blend.

Pilates Mat spritz inspired by sun-drenched Mediterranean citrus groves, pure Sicilian bergamot and sweet orange essential oils create a mood enhancing boost whilst an effective hygienic barrier is created by harnessing the natural antimicrobial properties of witch hazel, tea tree and rosemary. At home or in the studio enhance feelings of wellbeing and keep your mat perfectly cleansed and smelling beautiful. The pocket size bottle in our gift boxes are handy to keep in your gym bag too!

🌱Delicious & Earthy: Rosemary essential oil is

powerfully antimicrobial, thanks to the naturally

occurring rosemarinic acid, which is anti-inflammatory,

antiviral & antibacterial. This oil also improves focus, it

is known to stimulate the nervous system and increase

circulation to the brain which in turn helps improve

memory and concentration.

🌱Healing & Medicinal: Tea tree essential oil with its

immunity boosting properties, helps the body fight off

infection. It will provide a powerful barrier against

bacteria, viruses & fungi, it's strong deodorising action

will combat odours on mats, equipment and in the

atmosphere of the studio safely and naturally.

🌱Luxurious: Sicilian Bergamot essential oil, a popular

ingredient in expensive eau de colonges is known for

mood-boosting qualities. Whilst enhancing feelings of

well-being, I have also selected it for its natural

antiseptic and antiviral properties.

🌱Reassuring & Uplifting: Sweet Orange essential oil

is chosen for its feel-good, sweet citrus scent which

helps balance out the medicinal tea tree. Orange is

also an excellent natural cleanser, known for its

calming, familiar scent it enhances feelings of


🌱Fruity & Fresh: Lime essential oil, another wonderful

citrus scent known as a stress-reliever, this oil

combats exhaustion and anxiety. Like sweet orange, it

also balances out the medicinal scent of the tea tree

and the earthy rosemary beautifully.

Take a look at our gift sets that include the mat spray


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